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Godox Wistro AR400 Ring Flash Review
Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Godox Wistro AR400 Ring Flash Review

I've been on the fence about buying a ring flash for about the past 2 years.  Being a fashion photogrpaher, I've always loved the look from a ring flash and felt that I would be able to create a degree of variety with it.  Be it, using it as a key light or as a fill on the beach and location without having to bother with reflectors.  Over the past 2 years my only option seemed to be the Alien Bees ABR800 or the Elinchrom ring flash and quadra.  After reading several reviews I was detered from the ABR800 because everyone mentioned how much of a pain it was to mount the camera to the flash along with the idea of being strapped to my vagabond mini to power it.  I would ...

Brittney & Allen Thomasson Wedding
Friday, July 04, 2014
Godox Wistro AR400 Ring Flash Review

 It's been quite some time since my last wedding update but there's been alot of great things going on that have demanded my attention.  Aside from this being my last Louisiana wedding I've relocated to Miami, and I must say, I'm Absolutely Loving It!!!Before leaving Louisiana, I had the absolute pleasure of being the chosen photographer of Brittney & Allen Thomasson, a genuinely Awesome couple.  I had an immediate connection with them while meeting for their consultation last year and it was an increadible journey working with them.  From Brittney's bridals at Rosedown Plantation to their beautiful wedding at Amite Baptist Church, and reception at Ashley Manor we've ...

Kristina Folse & John Paul Sevin Wedding
Monday, January 20, 2014
Godox Wistro AR400 Ring Flash Review

It was an absolute pleasure working with Kristina & JP.  They are such an awesome couple!  It was September of last year when I met Kristina and JP for the initial wedding consultation.  I got such a kick out of hearing how they initially met.  It turns out that JP was a close friend of Kristina's older brother, Brad, and it was questionable if JP would be allowed to date his younger sister.  But, once you meet JP it only takes a moment to realize that he's one of the nicest guys that you'd ever meet.  It didn't take long before he was just another member of the Folse family. Being a novice photographer herself, I remember Kristina being very specific ...

Year End Review
Tuesday, December 24, 2013
Godox Wistro AR400 Ring Flash Review

OMG! In the blink of an eye we're already at the end of 2013.  Looking back it's been a great and exciting year for me. I began 2013 transitioning from commercial photography work to focusing solely on my passion of wedding photography.  Of course as a business, I've continued to work on my commercial accounts as well as the usual portrait photography work as the business is fully transitioning.  Any and every moment spent behind the camera has been a joy for me. As I reflect back over 2013, I think the thing that I've enjoyed most has been meeting and working with new brides, grooms, and their families.  It's awesome and just a pleasure being a part of such a special ...

Why should you choose a Wedding Album?
Sunday, November 17, 2013
Godox Wistro AR400 Ring Flash Review

As of lately, I've noticed that many of our brides and couples have not opted for the wedding album that I offer in my signature packages.  I've consulted with brides who have even told me that they felt like a DVD of their wedding images would be more appropriate for them in this digital age that we're living in.  The end of the year is usually the slower time of the year for wedding photographers so I've been retooling my wedding packages and marketing materials.  Although the weddings slow down during this time the consultations and bookings increase due to the the number of engagements that occur over the holiday months.  Anyway, as I've been reviewing my packages ...