How long have you been a photographer?
My love for photography began when I received my first camera at the age of 8 years old.  As a teenager I transitioned from Polaroid, to 110mm, and to 35mm film cameras as a photographer for my high school yearbook.  Prior to completing formal studies in photography, I worked intensively in graphics and photo design for the music and entertainment industries.  After years of working behind the scenes editing images I was thrilled to be back behind the camera and studying with some of the industries top professionals.  To give a more direct answer, I've spent over 20 years behind the camera.
Do you only do wedding photography?
Although my focus is engagement, bridal, and wedding photography, I am still available for family, couples, children, Senior portraits, and commercial fashion work when my schedule allows.
What style of photography do you do?
My style is a mixture of contemporary and traditional portrait work in combination with photo-journalistic images (capturing moments as they occur naturally). I'm not a fan of stiff unnatural looking posed photography and my experience allows me to create and capture images that are natural with great expression.
What are your hours?
My hours vary due to photography not being a static business.  Aside from usual business hours, I'm also available for scheduled sessions in the evening and weekends.
Do you have a photography studio?
Yes,  my studio is located at 7885 NW 55th St., Miami, FL 33166