Bridal shoots are a fun and exciting time and what better reason to wear that wedding dress more than once. It will be the only time that you'll have a dress rehearsal before your wedding day.  The perfect opportunity to wear your dress and have your hair and makeup done to see how it all comes together as well as making sure those alterations to your dress are done correctly.  Your bridal shoot comes with the additional benefits of having a variety of images in a different location than your wedding venue, and in the event of inclimate weather on your wedding day, you'll still have outdoor images from your bridal shoot.

When should I schedule my bridal session?
It's recommended that you schedule your bridal session at least 2 months prior to your wedding day.  This allows us an appropriate time in which to coordinate our schedules along with your hair and makeup stylist.  In the event of inclimate weather we would still have adequate time for rescheduling.  During the summer months we recommend scheduling early morning sessions to avoid the midday heat and humidity.

What about getting a print for display at the reception? 
Once you’ve chosen your image it takes about one week to get the print made. Certain prints and framing could take up to two weeks to receive.

What to expect and how to prepare for your bridal session

  • Be sure to hydrate and eat before arriving for your shoot! We don't want our brides fainting or passing out during the shoot.
  • Bring extra water and snacks to keep you going
  • Keep your wedding gown covered and in it's packaging until we arrive at the location that we will be shooting at.
  • Wear loose clothing and avoid wearing tight or restrictive undergarments such as bras that would leave indentations in the skin once removed if wearing a open back or shoulderless wedding gown.
  • I would recommend wearing a loose fitting button down shirt or blouse and either short pants or leggings that would be easily removed from underneath the gown since you'll be getting into your gown on location.
  • If at all possible avoid getting into your gown in restroom areas to avoid getting water stains on the bottom of you gown.  If a suitable dressing room area is not available we are able to create a clean and private space for you to get into your gown by using drapes that we keep with us.
  • Bring at least one person with you for your session who will be able to assist with holding your gown, shoes, or bouquet as we walk through the area that we will be shooting in.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Wear a pair of comfortable shoes either tennis shoes or flats for walking around. Bring your high heels with you which we will photograph you in for some shots but for the most part your gown will be covering your feet.

I will have drapes on site for shots that might require you to be seated or leaning against objects to protect your dress from getting dirty. We take precautions to try to keep your gown from getting dirty, but we can not guarantee that it won't get dirty. I recommend that you consult with your dress shop regarding their recommendations if your gown does become dirty. Yet another reason to schedule your bridal session at least 2 months prior to your wedding day, just in case your gown would need the dry cleaners to do a touch up cleaning, which is not too expensive, so that it is in pristine condition on your wedding day.